The gig-economy has spoken. What brands are winning?

by James Heller


2020 has brought many changes not just to businesses and the economy – but furthermore to so many people’s lifestyles and working routines. And in turn, to many companies’ budgets, priorities and activities.

So here’s what we have here – Wrapify sells OOH campaigns to brands – most of these professional ads appearing on the vehicles of everyday drivers in the gig economy, creating The Wrapify Driver Network nationwide in the US.

We surveyed our driver network of over 280,000 and asked them questions about their experiences, and what brands they would choose to drive and advertise for while they are making money doing so.

Here’s what they said:

If you could choose to always have your car wrapped in Wrapify’s professional advertisements for brands, would you?

What gig-economy platforms do you either currently participate in or plan to on a regular basis?

What brands do you most want to advertise for, if you could choose?

What types of gig-economy services are you most interested in?

In addition to our driver network, according to the OAAA (the OOH industry’s thought-leader):

A recent survey by the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) conducted by OnDevice Research found that 62 percent of vacationers are planning a road trip, a whopping 72 percent increase from last summer.

The OAAA also says that people are starting to leave their homes, as well as making plans to very soon.

The top planned activities are:
– Time with family friends (36%)
– Dining out (35%)
– Visiting a beach/lake (34%)
– Shopping (30%)
– Recreational activities (28%)
– Sightseeing (27%)

Finishing out 2020 and into 2021, how is your brand prepared to reach these people with their marketing and advertising?

Wrapify solves for hyper-targeting with out-of-home advertising ads and turns them into high-converting retargeting ads with full attribution reporting.

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Sources: Wrapify Driver Network, 2020 ; OAAA, 2020

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