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BIG Wrapify App Improvements

by James Heller

Wrapify drivers: We’ve heard you and responded.

While we’ve been focused in this space on Wrapify’s work to improve our platform for client brands (and soon-to-be-clients!), we are responding to the 40+ thousand drivers and working to improve the Wrapify mobile application, which is their tether to clocking miles and lifeline to getting paid.  

This was a priority we placed upon our engineering team. I am happy to note, the team has made significant improvements to Wrapify’s Android and iOS apps that address drivers’ requests.

Here’s what we’ve done:

  •  – Improved tracking reliability. Miles are now logged even when application is in the background (Users can still log out to end all tracking completely, however)
  •  – Application now immediately engages and begins logging miles as soon as the car starts to move
  •  – App can now multitask even better. App runs and logs miles in the background while users stream music or use a mapping service
  •  – When driving stops, tracking stops
  •  – On Android, battery life is greatly improved


The biggest deal here for drivers, business-wise, is that they will stay logged in unless they actively log out, and should no longer have to worry about whether they are tracking miles or not. Being able to stream your Spotify account while Wrapify is rolling is going to make a lot of people happy, too.

Wrapify cares about accuracy, reliability, maximizing driving pleasure and our drivers’ mobile experiences. We have further updates planned for additional improvements in the weeks to come, integrating some cool tech twists that should make the app experience even more smooth and fun.

Keep the constructive criticism coming, guys and gals! We appreciate your work and your opinions, and value both as we all work together to keep Wrapify evolving and improving.

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