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Wrapped Vehicle History: Branded Success

by James Heller

Wrapify’s platform enables advertising on consumer vehicles nationwide—offering scale, simplify, and efficiency that has never been possible before.

But even before the Wrapify platform existed, challenger brands have used car wraps as a pillar of their advertising strategy to make their brand stand out. It has proven to be eye catching, even—traffic stopping.

Let’s explore:

Geek Squad

When Robert Stephens founded his on-demand tech support company in 1994, he creatively modeled the company after a government enforcement agency. Employees were dubbed “Agents,” himself the “Chief Inspector,” and they all drove their black and white “Geekmobiles” with the company logo on the door. The cars become the foundation of their advertising strategy. The company, acquired by Best Buy in 2002, became such a part of the pop culture that the TV series “Chuck” created its main character as a Nerd Herd employee who worked at a Buy More and drove a Nerd Herd car.

Red Bull

The energy drink’s Austrian co-founder famously constructed a larger-than-life can of red bull and strapped it to a Mini Cooper. Over the years, the brand created hundreds of these customized vehicles. The little car and giant can perfectly played up the brand’s quirky humor and larger-than-life personality. They would appear—almost like guest stars—at sportings events, outside nightclubs, and anywhere their young, male, upwardly mobile audience gathered.  And the vehicles themselves were so admired, collectors starting buying decommissioned ones.


Once called the “Starbucks of Trash,” the success of this junk removal business skyrocketed when they began simply wrapping their trucks. The company, which started in Vancouver, Canada, explicitly set out to use their trucks as advertising—thinking of them as billboards and parking them in high-traffic areas when they weren’t in use.

With nothing more than standard brand assets, Wrapify can put your message on the road in the top DMAs across America. No fleets, geeks, or bulls required.


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