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In what has been a year of major changes for everyone around the world, for some that entails getting smarter and more creative with their finances.

“More than half of Americans, 53%, are looking for an additional source of income this holiday season, according to a recent Decluttr survey of 2,000 U.S. adults.” (CNBC, 2020)

The gig-economy has grown immensely over the last few years and has allowed millions of people to make their own schedules and earn extra money – in conjunction with their full-time jobs in some cases. It has grown so much in fact, that now there are different verticals to choose from: food delivery, ride-share driving, alcohol delivery, grocery delivery, package delivery, and many more.

Some need gigs at home, some on the road, and some need both. CNBC lists options from website testing to advertising on your car. And, with different structures, this could even mean that a gig-worker can work with more than one company at a time. (hint-hint, Wrapify is great for this)

Who are some of these companies? What are some of the top options? CNBC has weighed in.

9 winter side hustles: Some could earn you hundreds of dollars a month

Original article:

Wrapify has worked closely with and supporting the gig-economy for over 5 years on building a reliable and active gig-driver network of over 280,000 drivers across the United States. Fortune 500 brands like Coca-Cola, Zoom, Alaska Airlines, and more have leveraged this driver network successfully to carry out their OOH campaigns in recent months.

Find us in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and read more here:

Take it from Melanie, one of our top Wrapify drivers that is also a full-time ride-share driver:

Melanie #withwrapify
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2020 has brought many changes not just to businesses and the economy – but furthermore to so many people’s lifestyles and working routines. And in turn, to many companies’ budgets, priorities and activities.

So here’s what we have here – Wrapify sells OOH campaigns to brands – most of these professional ads appearing on the vehicles of everyday drivers in the gig economy, creating The Wrapify Driver Network nationwide in the US.

We surveyed our driver network of over 280,000 and asked them questions about their experiences, and what brands they would choose to drive and advertise for while they are making money doing so.

Here’s what they said:

If you could choose to always have your car wrapped in Wrapify’s professional advertisements for brands, would you?

What gig-economy platforms do you either currently participate in or plan to on a regular basis?

What brands do you most want to advertise for, if you could choose?

What types of gig-economy services are you most interested in?

In addition to our driver network, according to the OAAA (the OOH industry’s thought-leader):

A recent survey by the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) conducted by OnDevice Research found that 62 percent of vacationers are planning a road trip, a whopping 72 percent increase from last summer.

The OAAA also says that people are starting to leave their homes, as well as making plans to very soon.

The top planned activities are:
– Time with family friends (36%)
– Dining out (35%)
– Visiting a beach/lake (34%)
– Shopping (30%)
– Recreational activities (28%)
– Sightseeing (27%)

Finishing out 2020 and into 2021, how is your brand prepared to reach these people with their marketing and advertising?

Wrapify solves for hyper-targeting with out-of-home advertising ads and turns them into high-converting retargeting ads with full attribution reporting.

Learn more at

Sources: Wrapify Driver Network, 2020 ; OAAA, 2020

Want this infographic PDF?

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Meet MileIQ Houston driver, Ruben:

1) How did you find out about Wrapify? I actually decided I wanted to look into getting my car wrapped and when doing a little research on the web I came across Wrapify!

2) Why did you sign up? I was kind of skeptical at first but once I found out this was legit, I immediately signed up and started earning some extra cash!

3) How was the process? Easy hard? The process was pretty easy from start to finish. The Wrapify team was there every step of the way, kept me informed and answered any questions I had. The wrap itself was professionally done!

4) What are you going to do with the extra cash? I used the Wrapify money towards an exciting and relaxing cruise in the Bahamas! Once I get another campaign I will continue to save it for my next trip!

5) Would you recommend Wrapify to your friends? Absolutely, I keep getting asked, mainly by my co-workers, about Wrapify. I enjoy telling people about how the process works.

6) What have your family and/or friends thought about Wrapify? At first, everyone thought I was crazy for getting my car wrapped, but once I told them about getting cash for driving around, the next thought they had was “where do I sign up?”

7) Where do you live (regionally; not specifically)? Texas.

8) What kind of car do you drive? What would be your dream car? I drive a 2012 Honda Civic Coupe, I am not very picky when it comes to cars, but my dream car would be one large enough so I can carry everyone in it and will no longer have to hear about how small my car is!

9) Do you have any hobbies? What do you like doing in your spare time? I enjoy playing pinball and competing in our local pinball league and in tournaments across the state.  

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For our second “Featured Driver Friday”, we spoke with D.C. driver Darryl F.

1) How did you find out about Wrapify?I heard an advertisement for Wrapify on a Washington, D.C. radio station.

2)Why did you sign up?I thought the concept was exciting and I love new ventures to make money.

3)How was the process? Easy hard?The process was easy, and I like the communication with all of the Wrapify employees.

4)What are you going to do with the extra cash? Gas money!

5)Would you recommend Wrapify to your friends? I have recommended Wrapify already, and have placed new D.C. drivers on a campaign. I also advertised my pictures on my Facebook page, which has 3000 followers.

6)What have your family and/or friends thought about Wrapify? They think it was cool but I didn’t make enough money as compared to the type of car I drive that was wrapped.

7)Where do you live (regionally; not specifically) Washington DC/MD area.

8)What kind of car do you drive? What would be your dream car? 2012 Audi A7 Sport Supercharged. Dream car is a Ferrari.

9) Do you have any hobbies? What do you like doing in your spare time? I’ve been a part-time commercial/print/Tv/movie model since 1995.


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We are kicking off “Featured Driver Friday” with NYC driver Timothy G:

1) How did you find out about Wrapify? I was browsing Facebook, following links for ways to make extra side cash. I already had two jobs but to be paid while driving to both sounded too good to be true! So I downloaded the app and began driving.

2) Why did you sign up? Since it was a free download, I figured there was nothing to lose. I had done some research and I saw some reviews.What convinced me was that it was a recent start-up, and I saw an article on TechCrunch. It didn’t ask for too much information on signing up either and that put my skepticism at ease.

3) How was the process? Easy hard? The process from the beginning has been easy. Singing up, communicating, vehicle photos, joining a campaign, reviewing the amount of wrap you want for the car, filling out the payroll paperwork, and getting paid! Everything has been smooth and straightforward.

4) What are you going to do with the extra cash? I used the extra cash to start our vlog “On the road with the Gagnays” and as of now, what I earn from Wrapify, funds our adventures! We just brought the “Empire Pass” and look forward to visiting New York’s state parks. We try to teach my two young daughters that there is more outside the city.

5) Would you recommend Wrapify to your friends? I have and continue to. Honestly, anyone who listens, I try to promote Wrapify. People are really curious and I am surprised that there are not more people taking advantage of such an easy way to make extra money.

6) What have your family and/or friends thought about Wrapify? My wife was extremely hesitant and did not really approve but she came around and actually loved the last wrap—my daughters and my wife called it the Barbie car. The kids absolutely love it and my oldest has talked about it in her school.

7) In what region of the country do you live? I live in the Northeast United States of America. NYC to be more specific. Born and raised.

8) What kind of car do you drive? What would be your dream car? I currently have a 2016 Kia Sorento AWD LX. I would love to get the Audi Q7 with Prestige 3.0 TSFI with all the bells and whistles including the amazing sound system.

9) Do you have any hobbies? What do you like doing in your spare time? I dabble in PlayStation Sports games, but mainly I love traveling. Loading up the girls and picking up enough clothes for the weekend and just hitting the road.

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