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Wrapify Impresses Through Impressions

by James Heller

Ad Tech Company Shows it Can "Bridge the Gap Between Digital and Out-of-Home," with Real-Time Data to Measure Impact of Its Wrapped Vehicles

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – October 07, 2015

Advertising technology company Wrapify is now making "impressions" data of its crowdsourced "wrapped" vehicles available to advertisers , highlighting the company's potentially transformative way to measure Out-of-Home advertising.

"The introduction of impressions and the unique underlying technology to the Wrapify platform 'closes the loop' with advertisers by providing meaningful feedback for current and historical Wrapify campaigns," says Wrapify's VP of Engineering Tim Flack. See Demo

The information shows five Wrapify cars for Petco made more than than 3.2 million impressions on roads in the designated San Francisco campaign region during a two-month period.

"We are happy with these results, and especially pleased to demonstrate Wrapify's ability to bridge the gap between online and outdoor advertising," Wrapify Chief Executive Officer James Heller said. "Wrapify has taken a novelty in the advertising world, wrapped vehicles, and created a viable way to create, manage and scale an outdoor advertising campaign on consumer vehicles nationwide."

Wrapify is the first ad platform with an iOS application that creates economic value to consumers by paying them through the use of a primary asset, their car. GPS tracks Wrapify drivers' daily commute and other time spent on the road and pays them by the mile. Their location is continuously chronicled by Wrapify's proprietary technology and analytics systems, and shared with advertisers in real time.

Heller said the ad tech company uses a variety of third party data to create a proprietary informational database that is continually updated and captured for display via digital dashboard (see attached screen caps/video). Impressions and mileage are displayed by month, weekday and hour in an array of chart visualizations.

"No one has been able to provide this level of data and data visualization to Out-of-Home marketers in the past," Heller asserted. "Advertisers will know how many people their messaging is influencing, and they will be able to scale accordingly."

Wrapify vehicles are currently on the road in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and Atlanta, highlighting nearly a dozen brands, including Petco, Harrah's and Quest Nutrition.

About Wrapify
Wrapify is a disruptive advertising platform connecting drivers and brands to create powerful on-vehicle advertising. Through its proprietary mobile application and technology, Wrapify gives drivers an easy source of extra income, plus the power of choice of advertiser and "look," while offering brands the security of control and trackable results.

Read more: http://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/15/10/p5895199/wrapify-impresses-through-impressions#ixzz3nuSvz0fD

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