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Wrapify Partners with CBS Radio in D.C. to “Own the Eyes and Ears on the Road”

by James Heller

Today, Wrapify launches an exciting and groundbreaking new strategic partnership with CBS Washington, D.C., and its six radio properties to sell the Wrapify platform to the communications giant’s clients, either in tandem with their radio advertising or on its own.

This is a classic “win-win,” if you’ll pardon the cliche, because it immediately puts 50+ salespeople in the D.C. market working on Wrapify’s behalf, while giving CBS a unique way to amplify its audio commercial messages with visuals. Wrapify pays American drivers to wrap their cars in marketing messaging while using our proprietary technology to track vehicles in real-time for brands.


In the words of Rex Regner, Director of Product Development and Innovation for CBS Washington, DC., the partnership “will distance CBS from our competitors because it literally allows our advertisers to own the eyes and ears on the road.”

Moreover, this initiative is being integrated in the nation’s capital, a long-standing CBS innovation hub, where it is custom to test a new product before taking it wide across the Eastern seaboard, before then rolling out nationally.

I think this is going to be a slam dunk. Selling radio time is getting more competitive all the time, as streaming and music and talk from the cloud and other technologically-driven consumer shifts are increasing competitive platforms.

Wrapify is going to offer CBS Radio clients a chance to marry a visual impression to an auditory one, a multiplatform scenario that’s never existed before in that market–or any other. Imagine tooling around the Beltway or up the BW Parkway and seeing a wrapped car with messaging that reiterates the brand you just heard about on the radio. That’s gold.

Of course, it’s great for Wrapify to get the validation from a huge media conglomerate like CBS as well, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to show what our unique OOH platform can do for their sales team and reputation.

We’re excited, but hardly complacent–this only the first of several big Wrapify stories for 2017. We appreciate your interest and support and welcome any questions or comments about our platform!

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