by James Heller

It’s been an amazing and supremely gratifying year for Wrapify. A year finer than any we could have imagined, even in our most optimistic scenarios (I know, because I dreamed of them). It was capped this weekend, when Wrapify was named one of 2015’s top startups by Inc. and Business Insider. 

It’s been exhilarating to see the power of a good idea — an Uber for advertisers, where America’s drivers get a piece of the marketing dollar — embraced so quickly in the marketplace by brands and consumers. So much has transpired in such a compressed timeline, we thought it's worth refreshing everything that’s happened in the past 12 months, which have been pretty much a constant ascendant trajectory of success. 

  • FEBRUARY: Wrapify is founded in San Diego by four long-time pals who love cars and shaking up the status quo.
  • APRIL: Wrapify is accepted into San Francisco’s prestigious Launch incubator
  • APRIL: Wrapify is accepted into San Diego’s highly-regarded EvoNexus incubator
  • JULY: Wrapify graduates from Launch incubator with rousing endorsements from the organization’s mentors
  • JULY 14th: Wrapify officially launches in the marketplace
  • JULY 15th: First Wrapify car, for social CRM platform Captiv8, hits the road in San Francisco.
  • AUGUST: Wrapify graduates early from EvoNexus
  • AUGUST: Drivers on the Wrapify platform pass 5,000
  • AUGUST 27: Wrapify wins EvoNexus Demo Day 
  • SEPTEMBER: Wrapify closes $1 million seed round
  • SEPTEMBER: Wrapify opens San Francisco office
  • NOVEMBER: Wrapify shows triple-digit growth month-over-month since launch
  • DECEMBER: Drivers on the Wrapify platform pass 10,000
  • DECEMBER: More than 135,000,000 total impressions are tracked and generated by Wrapify cars since launch
  • DECEMBER: Driver payouts pass $45,000 since launch
  • DECEMBER: Wrapify adds eBay to its roster of clients, joining:
    Petco, TriNet, Harrah’s Resorts, Quest Nutrition, HomeHero, Butterfleye, Unreel.co and Captiv8
  • DECEMBER: Inc. names Wrapify a Top 25 Startup for 2015, amplifying coverage in Forbes, Business Insider, MediaPost, San Diego Union-Tribune, GeoMarketing, DailyDOOH, and others. 

As good as 2015 has been, we’re expecting 2016 to be even better. Trading up for a turbo, so to speak. We very much want to thank our Wrapify partner brands, our many supporters — both financial and emotional, friends and family — and of course our drivers. We would not be where we are without any of you.

The holiday season is one of gratitude and community, looking back and looking forward, a four-way stop of contemplation before making your next move. This season, Wrapify has much to be thankful for, yet so much left to do. We literally want to change the world.

Well, the world of Outdoor advertising, anyway. And we’re already pretty far down that road. Join us. It's going to be an amazing ride. 

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