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Wrapify Goes Live in New York!

by James Heller

February begins the next phase of the Wrapify story, as we expand into New York City and the surrounding tri-state area.

It was the natural next move after our breakout 2015, which ended with both Inc. and Business Insider calling Wrapify one of the year’s most promising startups. We finished the year well, with thousands of drivers across a multitude of continually running campaigns, but we weren’t where the heart of the advertising action beats. We needed to be in New York.

As of today, we are.

February 1, Wrapify officially began on-boarding drivers and scheduling outdoor advertising campaigns. We also secured our NEW East Coast sales office located on Fifth Avenue office, which opens March 1.

New York is the most prominent advertising theater in the United States. The New York market is the ultimate ‘put up or shut up.’ That’s why Wrapify expanded to New York, to prove what we can accomplish in the marketplace as the ‘Uber for advertisers.’

The same aspects that have made Wrapify successful in fourteen-plus American markets will be amplified in New York City. Our presence instantly creates additional outdoor opportunities in a region where the market for billboard space is extremely competitive.

The difficulty to command outdoor advertising space is a uniquely New York for marketers to embrace Wrapify, even further supporting previously innate reasons:

  • Technology which enables a self-service platform with live geographic reach & impression data 
  • Sharing economy that makes merchandising of personal vehicle for profit an option 
  • Industry low CPMs — not just for outdoor, but all media opportunities 
  • Ability to "own" a city with one cost-effective platform — on demand


The time is right for Wrapify to move into New York because the time is right for Wrapify. We are looking to change the advertising paradigm for everyone, and we know we need New York to make that reality.

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