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ADWEEK Features Zipcar’s Wrapify Campaign, with Focus on Analytics & Data Tracking Tech

by James Heller

Wrapify is pleased to share the news that Zipcar is our latest client, rolling out substantial campaigns in Seattle and Washington, D.C., in the past week. But we’re especially glad that ADWEEK broke the news first.

We’ve been trying to politely persuade ADWEEK for months to write about Wrapify, but not really been able to crack the nut with a story angle they liked. But with Zipcar also being part of the 1099 economy and Wrapify’s continuing displays of success (like adding more cities — now 25 — and drivers — 35K), we finally connected on a newsworthy narrative.

As we talked to the reporter, it was clear he “got” what sets Wrapify apart from businesses who’d tried the wrapped car route before. The story lays it out in one sentence: “Wrapify uses telemetry data from the car to track drivers' real-time location on a map, and pairs it with anonymized data from other sources to understand how many cars nearby see the message.” Boom.

ADWEEK even notes how Wrapify measures offline reach with CPMs, “much like tech giants Facebook and Twitter do online,” and that our CPM’s cost about a buck each. It quotes from our case study for Petco, where “4,000 miles of driving logged nearly 8.8 million impressions at $1.13 eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions). A campaign for TriNet that totaled 24,000 campaign miles delivered 66.5 million impressions with an eCPM of $1.08.”

So this is excellent news all around — the Zipcar news and the news it made news. Wrapify is grateful to add Zipcar to our slate of excellent, forward-thinking brands and marketers: eBay, Petco, Harrah’s, TriNet, GhostBed and Quest Nutrition, among many other clients.

Otherwise, as the ADWEEK story notes, business continues to go very well for Wrapify. We’ve hired more people and expect to announce several new campaigns for well-known brands and perhaps even politician(s) in the next month or two.

Brands we’ve both worked with and not (yet) have noted Wrapify is the right idea in the right place at the right time. The convergence of technology and societal evolution in the sharing economy enables empowered drivers to use their car as a natural and organic form of income, while tech advancements have empowered analytical insights as never before.

Our idea and its timing are so strong that Wrapify was named by both Inc. and Business Insider as one of the best startups of 2015, and things have only accelerated and gotten better since. Launched a year ago in San Francisco and San Diego, Wrapify has quickly expanded to 25 markets, with more regions to come.

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