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You Asked for It, You Got It: Wrapify’s Android App Is Here!

by James Heller

It’s been a great month for Wrapify and our drivers. We celebrated a successful first year anniversary in July, added pioneering sharing economy company Zipcar as a client, and now have been able to deliver upon the number-one request from Wrapify drivers and wannabe drivers:

As touted in Wednesday’s edition of AdExchanger, Wrapify’s Android app is here.

The news at last brings a happy response to the #1 question Wrapify is asked by our drivers — When are you going to have an Android app?

Until this week, all Wrapify drivers were limited to using an Apple phone, because our initial app was developed on iOS. We love Apple, got a bunch of Apple fanboys in the office, but our sentiments aren’t necessarily shared across the spectrum of Wrapify drivers — two-thirds of the people who sign up for Wrapify use Android.

That’s completely reasonable and understandable. According to Comscore, Android users in the United States outnumber iOS users roughly 53 to 44 percent (with Microsoft, Blackberry, etc., gathering the leftover crumbs). Globally, that figure is far more divergent, with Android holding a 83 to 14 percent dominance (a figure to keep in mind when Wrapify goes global).

We’ve gotten some numbers from Lyft’s PR team, which tells us 54% of the car sharing service’s drivers are on Android, 46% on iOS.  We’ve likewise got a query into Uber, but they’ve not yet gotten back to us. We did find one extremely limited piece of circumstantial evidence on an Uber driver forum that Android is used significantly more than iOS, roughly 3-1.

On the passenger side, for what it’s worth and while we have your attention, Android users who have downloaded Lyft dominate iOS — roughly 85K have rated the app on Google play, vs. 25K on  iTunes. The ration is far more even, a slight preference for Apple on Uber, 32K iTunes downloads vs. 25K from Google Play. Considering Uber leads the market, those numbers have got to be suspect somehow, though.

Another information nugget: Neither the Uber app nor the Lyft app gets great ratings from users, and only a hairsbreadth separates them — according to ARC, Lyft sits at a 60 rating and Uber at 59. The latter number is the average of the top 48 apps, incidentally.

No matter how you play the numbers, though, Android is obviously just as critical to the sharing economy as Wrapify is becoming. Wrapify heard our drivers loud and clear, and we’ve embraced the request and delivered.

Since Wrapify’s client base continues to expand and we need to get every driver who wants to drive for us on the road through the platform they prefer, Android is now a reality.

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