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Wrapify Will Be at Advertising Week. Here’s Why You Should Care

by James Heller

We always enjoy a good reason to head to New York City, and the end of September offers an intriguing one: Advertising Week, which runs last week of this month, the 26th through the 30th.

Our team will be there in full force!

We expect to be able to share a piece of very good news by that point, maybe even two pieces of good news. But most of all we want to meet people we know and people we don’t, to share why the Wrapify platform is resonating with brands and American drivers.

Please let me repeat that last part, because it’s very important for advertisers, the media and the general public to know the truth: The Wrapify platform is resonating with American Drivers.

Here’s why: The Wrapify platform has struck such a chord with American drivers that our demand from drivers has outdistanced our supply of campaigns.

Even while there have been Wrapify campaigns running with up to hundreds of cars in 27 markets for brands like Bud Light, eBay and ZipCar to GhostBed and Petco, we don’t yet have enough campaigns on the road to fulfill all of 35,000+ drivers who have signed up to be Wrapify drivers.

Americans have recognized Wrapify offers an organic way to put extra money in their pocket by doing exactly what they’d be doing anyway — commuting, running errands, etc…

We’ve gotten all kinds of great comments from our drivers, who tell us what they’re doing with the extra cash: Paying down their car payment or student loan. Taking their family out to dinner. Setting some aside for vacation.

That makes us feel good.

Also, brands and agencies alike LOVE the data they get from their Wrapify dashboard. The real-time data, impressions and visibility this novel OOH platform provides is more than traditional OOH can shake a stick at.  Taking a digital approach to solving an age-old problem in OOH is one of the reasons we went into business in the first place!

So that’s what we’d like to talk to people about when we’re in New York. Getting your brand seen. Getting it on the road. Putting money in the pockets of good, hard-working Americans who need a little extra cash. It’s a win for everybody. What’s not to like?

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