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Wrapify “DIY” Self-Service Update

by James Heller

Wrapify knows entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses (SMBs) are the backbone of America’s economy and the American dream. We’re dreamers ourselves!

That’s why one key area of focus for Wrapify in the past couple months has been to ramp up accessibility and affordability of our platform to SMBs through updates to our advertiser platforms.

We’ve done it, and now it’s here–a new self-service version of the Wrapify advertising platform specifically designed for SMBs.

There are several key elements:

  • – SMBs now have access to all the same technological power as Wrapify’s national clients, using our enterprise platform for large-scale advertising campaigns. Data analytics, tracking, real-time mobile connectivity, all of it.
  • – SMBs get a simplified signup and campaign creation process. SMBs design and submit their own art online, with simple panel-only coverage options, which are easily installed by our network of installers.  
  • – Our focus was ease-of-use and providing maximum value for the money. As far as our research indicates, there is no other out-of-home campaign platform anywhere that will provide the level of data analytics Wrapify supplies for the buck.

Basically, Wrapify’s new SMB program helps small and medium businesses get a fleet of cars on the road more affordably than ever.

This is something we’ve always wanted to do, give a leg up for SMBs, but felt it was important to prove that Wrapify could deliver successful campaigns for national advertisers first–which we’ve done.

Now that we’ve established ourselves as a leader in the vehicle advertising space for Fortune 500 brands, we can make things easier and more financially effective for SMBs. We look forward to getting as many of these campaigns on the road a possible–who’s going to be the first?

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