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Will “Generation Zalpha” Change the Way You Buy Ads?

by Sadie Phillips

In today’s age of digital marketing, reaching your target audience is more important than ever, especially when that audience consists of the newest generation to enter adulthood. Gen Zalpha, Gen Z plus Alpha, defined as those born in or after 2010, are almost entirely digital natives. Gen Z alone boasts a buying power worth an estimated $360 billion in disposable income. Generation Alpha is poised to have even more spending power.

If you want your messaging to reach this powerful group, it’s critical to understand how they consume advertising and what platforms they’re likely to spend time on. In this blog post, we’ll look at some key insights into Gen Zalpha consumers and discuss key strategies for adapting your ad campaigns accordingly so you can better leverage their immense potential.

What Is Generation Zalpha?

Generation Zalpha (Gen Z and Gen Alpha) is the newest cohort of digital natives. Born between 2005 and 2020, they are growing up in a world that is increasingly interconnected and reliant on technology. They’ve come of age with the proliferation of smartphones and other devices, making them highly tech-savvy and adept at navigating social media, streaming services, and eCommerce sites.

Unlike other generations that grew up with linear TV, Gen Zalpha consumes media through on-demand experiences such as YouTube and TikTok. They connect to their peers via social networks such as Instagram and Snapchat. Their lives are shaped by the forces of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.

Gen Zalpha is distinct from previous generations in other ways, too. They’re more diverse and multicultural than their predecessors and highly aware of global events and social issues. They are also extremely conscious of the environment and are committed to actively protecting it.

Who is Zalpha’s buyer?

For Gen Z, they are the buyer. However for Generation Alpha, the buyer is not directly the generation themselves, but their parents. When an advertiser wants to sell a product to this generation, they have to target the parent first and foremost. Advertisers know that if a parent likes a product, it will be more likely the child will want it too.

Ultimately for Generation Alpha, it’s their parent’s attention that advertisers want in order to reach them. With the help of out-of-home advertising, advertisers can create campaigns that are tailored to both parents and children – helping them reach this key demographic in a way that’s effective, targeted, and appropriate.

What Social Media Channels Does Gen Zalpha Use the Most?

As mentioned earlier, Gen Zalpha is a very tech-savvy digital generation. Therefore, it’s no surprise they’re spending much of their time online on social media channels. The most popular social media platforms among the Gen Zalpha lot include:


Tik-Tok is the fastest-growing social media platform among Gen Zalpha users and has an estimated 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. This short video-sharing app allows users to share videos of up to 15 seconds.

The app appeals to this generation for its creative and interactive nature and wide range of content. Users can create videos, lip-sync to popular songs, and share their latest fashion trends or makeup looks.


Instagram has been around for many years and is a popular platform for Gen Zalpha. With its sleek user interface and easy-to-use features, users of all ages find it appealing.

The platform also has an array of content from different influencers, from fashion bloggers to entertainment stars. This makes it easy for young people to keep up with their favorite influencers and stay on top of the latest trends.

How to Get Gen Zalpha’s Attention With Your Ads

The key to reaching Gen Zalpha is understanding what resonates with them. The following strategies will help you craft ad campaigns that are tailored to their interests and needs:

Focus on Authenticity

Gen Zalpha values authenticity, so your ads need to reflect this. Showcase real people using your product or service instead of stock images or photoshopped models. Also, create relatable ads that evoke an emotional response with your audience.

Be Creative

Gen Zalpha is a very creative generation, so you need to stand out from the crowd with unique and innovative campaigns. Use bright colors and eye-catching visuals to grab their attention. Also, come up with clever taglines and engaging copy to capture their interest.

Create Experiences, Not Products

Rather than just telling your audience about your product or service, create experiences they can be part of. This could include interactive campaigns, virtual events, and unique offers to make them feel like a valued customer and a part of something much bigger. 

Curate Your Ad Campaign for Gen Zalpha 

Reaching Gen Zalpha requires a tailored approach. By focusing on authenticity, being creative, and creating experiences rather than just laying out products or services, you can effectively capture their attention and engage them with your ads. With the right strategy, you can create successful OOH ad campaigns paired with digital ads in order to appeal to this generation. Contact us today to learn how to capture Gen Zalpha’s attention and improve your brand. 

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