by Amy Boisvert
Trulieve Case Study

Despite the thriving cannabis industry, advertising and promoting cannabis products remain challenging for sellers.Traditional mediums are out for cannabis companies. No television or radio advertising. Although some restrictions are gradually easing (such as Twitter’s recent announcement of allowing paid cannabis ads on the platform in states where it is legal) and digital advertising networks exclusively catering to cannabis are available, their reach is still largely restricted by publishers who accept their ads.

This is where Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising has stepped up in a big way to fill the gap left by other advertising mediums.


In an effort to enhance brand awareness and stimulate more foot traffic to multiple Trulieve dispensaries in the Phoenix area, ZMA Cannabis Marketing and Wilkins Media teams partnered with Wrapify to create a campaign that could leverage the heightened exposure during the events surrounding the 2023 Super Bowl.

  • Drive measurable foot traffic into 4 Phoenix area dispensaries

  • Utilize Wrapify SWARMs to hyper-target key events surrounding the 2023 Super Bowl.

  • Promote both Trulieve dispensaries and their popular cannabis brand Verano, which is a top vertically integrated, multi-state cannabis operator in the U.S. committed to enhancing community wellness by offering regulated cannabis products through responsible access.


15 vehicles, driven by rideshare and delivery drivers, were wrapped and deployed by Wrapify over a 4 week period surrounding the 2023 Super Bowl in a campaign zone covering the Phoenix area. 

Wrapify partners with Reveal Mobile to collect data on the audience and impressions generated by the vehicles while they are on the road, using the “DMOOH Exposure Methodology Standardization Guidelines and Best Practices” developed jointly by OAAA, Wrapify, and Reveal Mobile. The resulting audience data was compared with a control group to calculate the net lift.


  • The campaign estimated 18,903,000 in campaign zone impressions. This brings the effective CPM to $1.17.

  • The campaign Hot Spot focused around your core demographic and netted 1,909,454 impressions in that zone.

  • The Exposed (Test) Audience was three times (3X) more likely to visit one of the Trulieve locations than the Unexposed (Control) Audience.

ZMA Cannabis Marketing, Wilkins Media, and Wrapify teamed up to deliver remarkable outcomes for Trulieve dispensaries. This collaboration underscores the potential of OOH advertising in enabling cannabis companies to effectively reach their target audiences and achieve their marketing goals

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