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Spotify Wrapped or Wrapify Spotted?

by Amy Boisvert
wrapify spotted

Spotify isn’t the only one wrapping things up this year. If we could wrap up our 2022 campaigns into a few words, they would be – “spot on.”

That may seem bold, but we can back it up.

From Miami to San Francisco, and everywhere in between, Wrapify had ads on vehicles all across the US (2,283 to be exact)! #WrapifySpotted, like #SpotifyWrapped, recaptures all of our top moments from 2022…

SPOTTED: You’ve found the perfect health insurance for your growing family

Target customer acquired. Health insurance isn’t the only thing done right in this campaign. By identifying the specific neighborhoods and zip codes of growing families, Wrapify was able to bring this healthcare brand to the right place at the right time.

Aetna & CVS Health in Miami, FL

SPOTTED: Elevated advertising, indeed

Hmm, something is ironic about this picture. Do you see it? We’ll fill you in. 10 years ago, this advertisement for Amazon warehouse jobs in the Denver market would be on the side of the bus in the background. But now, their ads are flying off their standard routes and into places where residents walk, eat, run, and hang out.

Amazon Workforce Staffing in Denver, CO

SPOTTED: Football fan chooses their drink of choice

Ahhh yes, more “right place, right time” advertising. Coors Light has used this tactic for years. Get in front of fans at the big game, without spending the big sponsorship dollars. If we had to get inside this fan’s head, we assume he’s practicing his drink order at the Allegiant Stadium concessions stand.

MillerCoors in Las Vegas, NV

SPOTTED: More than a fan, a lifestyle

Sure, it’s easy to get a consumer to consume your brand once, but what brings them coming back? It’s more than just seeing your ad, it’s interacting with it, too. For Ballast Point Brewing Company, that’s exactly what they were able to achieve by SWARMing events and getting their fans involved. And there were so many great moments in this campaign, we just had to make a video out of them all! Check it out…

Ballast Point Brewing Company in Southern California

SPOTTED: Beach + Movies = The Perfect Summer

Ever tried to purchase a billboard at the beach? Well, for good reason (mainly beautification laws), there are limited advertising opportunities in public spaces by the coastline. But Paramount Pictures knew that if they wanted to drive more awareness about their brand during the summer in San Diego, CA, the beach is right where they needed to be. So they sent in Wrapify vehicles to circle the coastline and grab some attention during the summer months!

Paramount’s Paws of Fury in Los Angeles, CA

SPOTTED: Much better than a sponsored breakfast

Here’s something a little different. Did you know that B2B brands can benefit from outdoor advertising as well? While sponsorships for B2B conferences tend to be through the roof, do they tend to help you achieve your goals? If the answer is yes, great! Keep doing what you’re doing. But, if you’d like the attention of the CTO while they’re taking a break from the security conference, it might be time to think outside the sponsorship box…

Sentinel One in Miami, FL


Well, that concludes the first edition of #WrapifySpotted! We hope you had fun, and learned some things along the way. For more fun use cases and campaigns to try out, check out the Wrapify blog for a weekly update on outdoor advertising trends, success stories, and more!

Cheers to another great year on the road!

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