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Wrapify Names Margarita Neymark Director of Partnerships

by James Heller
wrapify director of partnerships

It’s nearing the end of the year, and that inspired me to shake things up here at Wrapify. After 6+ months on the Wrapify team, I’m stoked to officially name Margarita Neymark as our Director of Partnerships. We’ve made moves like this before within our org, but I’m especially excited about this one for so many reasons. 

How did this move come about?

As an original co-founder and current CEO of this company, I have been involved in nearly every conversation we’ve had with brands, media partners, and agencies. In those discussions, I’ve noticed how important building relationships has been in order to plan effective advertising campaigns. To initiate an effective campaign with Wrapify, it’s imperative to understand the brands, agencies, and their goals very closely in order to deliver campaigns that delight and perform. That’s why I needed someone to take this on as their 100% goal. 

It was important to have someone with direct experience delivering go-to-market strategies within brands as well as the ability to understand and navigate the media agency ecosystems. They needed to be able to engage with marketing, media, and key industry leaders, understand their needs and position the value of Wrapify’s media platform within their overall marketing strategies. And Margarita is the perfect person to take this on. 

Why is Margarita so exceptionally qualified for this position? 

To rattle off a few quick resumé bullet points, Margarita Neymark is experienced in:

  • Out-of-home (OOH) media and brand awareness
  • The intersection of traditional & digital media ecosystems
  • Managing eCommerce, social media, content strategy, and execution

Beginning her out-of-home career 15 years ago at Titan (now Intersection), then segueing to OUTFRONT Media, Margarita has transformed into a media, brand strategy, and marketing powerhouse. Driven by building relationships, uncovering and understanding challenges, and capitalizing on key opportunities with creative and innovative solutions, Margarita has helped people fall in love with brands by leveraging the power of strategic out-of-home to work WITH overall marketing strategies.

Prior to Wrapify, Margarita served as Founder & Managing Partner at LWB – A Marketing Consultancy, offering brand strategy, marketing, and e-commerce services to a variety of CPG brands. Previously, she was the Director of Brand Strategy and Development at BPI Sports. Joining the team in 2014, Margarita was a key contributor to the success of the company’s brand evolution, retail distribution, and e-commerce growth.

What can our partners expect from Margarita? 

OOH agencies and brand marketers will have a dedicated and devoted point of contact who will not just be engaged for the campaign itself, but all the work and learnings required leading up to it. Whether you’re sure our media is a good fit, or rather you need to be more convinced of it, she will help see you through each step, keeping your client or brand name’s goals at the forefront. 

But also – you can expect so. much. fun. All the experience aside, Margarita is a delight to work with and the kind of person who makes a life-long friend from a single encounter. 

I’ll go ahead and leave her contact information for you here, because I know if you’ve gotten this far, you’ll want to be in touch.

Margarita Neymark


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