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What To Expect In OOH For 2024

by Sadie Phillips

Marketing Scaries…Oh No!

We have ALL been there, we’ve all had the Sunday scaries. Even if you didn’t know you had them at the time. You later learned what those intense feelings of anxiety that overshadowed your Sunday really were. The marketing scaries are also a thing, and they have similar effects on the brain and your emotions as do the Sunday scaries. So before you reach for another Mimosa, hear us out.

Understanding The Current Ecosystem

First and foremost know YOU ARE NOT ALONE! While, Wrapify isn’t trying to be your therapist, we do have some tips to keep your marketing scaries in check. Like with many things, a little understanding and preparation goes a long way.

Consumer reports have shown that Out-of-home advertising spend is still on the rise. A trend we don’t expect to see decline of any time in the future.

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A Birds Eye View

Hyper-local and Contextual Engagement: The ability to target audiences at specific locations with contextual factors like the time of day and current local events is becoming increasingly attractive. This trend enables brands to deliver more relevant and engaging content.

Creativity and Technology: The synergy between creativity and technology is undoubtedly redefining OOH. Since the emergence of AI in the space we are seeing more streamlined and engaging experiences for advertisers and consumers aslike. Not to mention the targeting and retargeting capabilities as well as the use of mobile ad ID’s to increase frequency with your audience. These creative technological advancements are expected to provide new avenues for brands to build brand share and engage with their audiences in more impactful ways.

Programmatic Out-of-Home Growth: Media owners are making more of their inventory available programmatically, a substantial investment in OOH that enables more targeted, data-driven campaigns. The shift towards programmatic is not just a trend but becoming a staple, indicating an expectation of an increase in programmatic transactions and a shift in how digital OOH advertising is approached within the overall media landscape including.

Retail Media’s Ascendance: OOH is now more than ever a pivotal player in the retail media ecosystem. How is it so?  It’s the way in which brands are bridging the gap between online and in-store experiences.

You see an ad online and then later on while driving to the store and then again at the store. The frequency of the ad placement during the customer journey speaks for itself. The integration of OOH within retail media networks allows for more targeted marketing strategies, reaching consumers along the way and closer to the point of purchase.

Sustainability as a Priority: The industry is moving towards more sustainable practices. Many with the outlook of go green or go home. We’re noticing a dynamic shift from the demand of classic materials to more environmentally friendly options. This shift reflects growing consumer concerns for environmental responsibility. 

Capturing Attention: OOH continues to be a key driver of consumer attention, with significant correlations found between media channels that capture attention and consumer preference for seeing ads. The blend of classic and digital OOH is expected to tap into the renewed interest of people in exploring their environments. Think of all the pictures you see on social media of vehicle advertisements on the road and billboards. It creates an inescapable interaction between your product and the reality of consumers.

Maneuvering The Current Ecosystem

These trends highlight the dynamic and innovative nature of the OOH advertising industry. Technological advancements, changing consumer behaviors, and a broader digital ecosystem are reasons why the biggest brands are continuously adding OOH inventory. Take their lead and launch your OOH campaign. If you’re feeling spontaneous, tag on some digital to complement your OOH. We’ll even help you pair the two seamlessly. 

Ask us how!

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