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Spotify isn’t the only one wrapping things up this year. If we could wrap up our 2022 campaigns into a few words, they would be – “spot on.”

That may seem bold, but we can back it up.

From Miami to San Francisco, and everywhere in between, Wrapify had ads on vehicles all across the US (2,283 to be exact)! #WrapifySpotted, like #SpotifyWrapped, recaptures all of our top moments from 2022…

SPOTTED: You’ve found the perfect health insurance for your growing family

Target customer acquired. Health insurance isn’t the only thing done right in this campaign. By identifying the specific neighborhoods and zip codes of growing families, Wrapify was able to bring this healthcare brand to the right place at the right time.

Aetna & CVS Health in Miami, FL

SPOTTED: Elevated advertising, indeed

Hmm, something is ironic about this picture. Do you see it? We’ll fill you in. 10 years ago, this advertisement for Amazon warehouse jobs in the Denver market would be on the side of the bus in the background. But now, their ads are flying off their standard routes and into places where residents walk, eat, run, and hang out.

Amazon Workforce Staffing in Denver, CO

SPOTTED: Football fan chooses their drink of choice

Ahhh yes, more “right place, right time” advertising. Coors Light has used this tactic for years. Get in front of fans at the big game, without spending the big sponsorship dollars. If we had to get inside this fan’s head, we assume he’s practicing his drink order at the Allegiant Stadium concessions stand.

MillerCoors in Las Vegas, NV

SPOTTED: More than a fan, a lifestyle

Sure, it’s easy to get a consumer to consume your brand once, but what brings them coming back? It’s more than just seeing your ad, it’s interacting with it, too. For Ballast Point Brewing Company, that’s exactly what they were able to achieve by SWARMing events and getting their fans involved. And there were so many great moments in this campaign, we just had to make a video out of them all! Check it out…

Ballast Point Brewing Company in Southern California

SPOTTED: Beach + Movies = The Perfect Summer

Ever tried to purchase a billboard at the beach? Well, for good reason (mainly beautification laws), there are limited advertising opportunities in public spaces by the coastline. But Paramount Pictures knew that if they wanted to drive more awareness about their brand during the summer in San Diego, CA, the beach is right where they needed to be. So they sent in Wrapify vehicles to circle the coastline and grab some attention during the summer months!

Paramount’s Paws of Fury in Los Angeles, CA

SPOTTED: Much better than a sponsored breakfast

Here’s something a little different. Did you know that B2B brands can benefit from outdoor advertising as well? While sponsorships for B2B conferences tend to be through the roof, do they tend to help you achieve your goals? If the answer is yes, great! Keep doing what you’re doing. But, if you’d like the attention of the CTO while they’re taking a break from the security conference, it might be time to think outside the sponsorship box…

Sentinel One in Miami, FL


Well, that concludes the first edition of #WrapifySpotted! We hope you had fun, and learned some things along the way. For more fun use cases and campaigns to try out, check out the Wrapify blog for a weekly update on outdoor advertising trends, success stories, and more!

Cheers to another great year on the road!

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wrapify director of partnerships

It’s nearing the end of the year, and that inspired me to shake things up here at Wrapify. After 6+ months on the Wrapify team, I’m stoked to officially name Margarita Neymark as our Director of Partnerships. We’ve made moves like this before within our org, but I’m especially excited about this one for so many reasons. 

How did this move come about?

As an original co-founder and current CEO of this company, I have been involved in nearly every conversation we’ve had with brands, media partners, and agencies. In those discussions, I’ve noticed how important building relationships has been in order to plan effective advertising campaigns. To initiate an effective campaign with Wrapify, it’s imperative to understand the brands, agencies, and their goals very closely in order to deliver campaigns that delight and perform. That’s why I needed someone to take this on as their 100% goal. 

It was important to have someone with direct experience delivering go-to-market strategies within brands as well as the ability to understand and navigate the media agency ecosystems. They needed to be able to engage with marketing, media, and key industry leaders, understand their needs and position the value of Wrapify’s media platform within their overall marketing strategies. And Margarita is the perfect person to take this on. 

Why is Margarita so exceptionally qualified for this position? 

To rattle off a few quick resumé bullet points, Margarita Neymark is experienced in:

  • Out-of-home (OOH) media and brand awareness
  • The intersection of traditional & digital media ecosystems
  • Managing eCommerce, social media, content strategy, and execution

Beginning her out-of-home career 15 years ago at Titan (now Intersection), then segueing to OUTFRONT Media, Margarita has transformed into a media, brand strategy, and marketing powerhouse. Driven by building relationships, uncovering and understanding challenges, and capitalizing on key opportunities with creative and innovative solutions, Margarita has helped people fall in love with brands by leveraging the power of strategic out-of-home to work WITH overall marketing strategies.

Prior to Wrapify, Margarita served as Founder & Managing Partner at LWB – A Marketing Consultancy, offering brand strategy, marketing, and e-commerce services to a variety of CPG brands. Previously, she was the Director of Brand Strategy and Development at BPI Sports. Joining the team in 2014, Margarita was a key contributor to the success of the company’s brand evolution, retail distribution, and e-commerce growth.

What can our partners expect from Margarita? 

OOH agencies and brand marketers will have a dedicated and devoted point of contact who will not just be engaged for the campaign itself, but all the work and learnings required leading up to it. Whether you’re sure our media is a good fit, or rather you need to be more convinced of it, she will help see you through each step, keeping your client or brand name’s goals at the forefront. 

But also – you can expect so. much. fun. All the experience aside, Margarita is a delight to work with and the kind of person who makes a life-long friend from a single encounter. 

I’ll go ahead and leave her contact information for you here, because I know if you’ve gotten this far, you’ll want to be in touch.

Margarita Neymark

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Wrapify Inc 5000

San Diego, CA, August 16, 2022 – Today, Inc. recognized Wrapify on its annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America. This is Wrapify’s third appearance on the list, having previously ranked on the Inc. 500 in 2019, the Inc. 5000 in 2020, and now ranking at #3,137 in 2022. They join companies like Facebook, Chobani, Under Armour, Microsoft, and Patagonia, who have all previously achieved this recognition many times over. 

“I’m extremely proud of what we achieved in 2019 and 2020, but this year feels different,” adds James Heller, Co-founder and CEO of Wrapify. “As the first in the category of ‘vehicle advertising’ to be recognized this many times, we feel validated in our position as industry innovators and leaders.” 

Like all of the companies on the 2022 Inc. 5000, Wrapify demonstrated resilience amid supply chain woes, labor shortages, and the ongoing impact of Covid-19. Among the top 500, the average median three-year revenue growth rate soared to 2,144 percent. Together, those companies added more than 68,394 jobs over the past three years. 

“The accomplishment of building one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., in light of recent economic roadblocks, cannot be overstated,” says Scott Omelianuk, editor-in-chief of Inc. “Inc. is thrilled to honor the companies that have established themselves through innovation, hard work, and rising to the challenges of today.” 

By wrapping measurable out-of-home (OOH) advertisements onto rideshare and delivery driver vehicles, Wrapify places ad spend back into the gig economy while offering a powerful ad tech platform that skyrockets brands’ success. Trusted by Fortune 500s like Zoom, Amazon, and Petco, Wrapify provides high-recall OOH advertising via their ever-growing network of 500,000+ drivers throughout the United States.

Complete results of the Inc. 5000, including company profiles, can be found at

More about Inc. and the Inc. 5000 


Companies on the 2022 Inc. 5000 are ranked according to percentage revenue growth from 2018 to 2021. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2018. They must be U.S.-based, privately held, for-profit, and independent—not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies—as of December 31, 2021. (Since then, some on the list may have gone public or been acquired.) The minimum revenue required for 2018 is $100,000; the minimum for 2021 is $2 million. As always, Inc. reserves the right to decline applicants for subjective reasons. Growth rates used to determine company rankings were calculated to four decimal places. The top 500 companies on the Inc. 5000 are featured in Inc. magazine’s September issue. The entire Inc. 5000 can be found at

About Inc. 

The world’s most trusted business-media brand, Inc. offers entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools, connections, and community to build great companies. Its award-winning multiplatform content reaches more than 50 million people each month across a variety of channels including websites, newsletters, social media, podcasts, and print. Its prestigious Inc. 5000 list, produced every year since 1982, analyzes company data to recognize the fastest-growing privately held businesses in the United States. The global recognition that comes with inclusion in the 5000 gives the founders of the best businesses an opportunity to engage with an exclusive community of their peers, and the credibility that helps them drive sales and recruit talent. The associated Inc. 5000 Conference & Gala is part of a highly acclaimed portfolio of bespoke events produced by Inc. For more information, visit

For more information on the Inc. 5000 Conference & Gala, visit  

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COVID-19 lockdowns changed our everyday life. We learned how to bake bread from scratch, were invested in Tiger King, met up with friends over virtual happy hours, and downloaded a slew of delivery apps.

68% of us even say takeout and delivery have become a part of our day-to-day. 53% even claim it is now essential to our way of life.

Third-party delivery apps echo that sentiment.

Third-party delivery apps have seen unprecedented growth in 2021.

DoorDash owns the majority of meal delivery app sales. They’ve reported they added 1.9 million new drivers during the middle of March through September 2020, surpassing many expectations.

DoorDash increase drives added by 1.9 million.

Food delivery may be leading the charge, but they’re not the only ones in the game. Retail stores are also breaking into the delivery scene. 

Convenience stores increased third-party delivery app sales by 346% in  2020. The market size should reach $33 billion in revenue in 2021, a 5.5% additional increase.

We’re glad to see rideshare services on the rise again, as well.

Rideshare sales rise during Q3 2021.

Wrapify Unlocks Relevant OOH Exposure

The rise in food and retail delivery, as well as the rebound of rideshare, is enabling Wrapify to open a whole new market for brands. This extraordinary growth creates the opportunity for a higher ad frequency in an untapped out-of-home (OOH) audience … neighborhoods.

As the pandemic is still prevalent and more people are spending more time at home than ever before, advertisers can – for the first time – reach customers in the comfort of their own neighborhoods through OOH.

It’s simple: More delivery sales means more gig drivers. More drivers through the increased demand for delivery means more reach and frequency in neighborhoods on a national scale.

Wrapify creates robust and fully measurable out-of-home ad campaigns, leveraging the gig economy and the highest-recall OOH medium on the road. Its unique technology can effectively attribute vehicle exposure to conversion online, in-app, or foot traffic. It also provides gig workers with an opportunity to earn extra income for the driving they already do.

Limited time left to be your company’s rockstar by finishing 2021 strong! Capitalize on the rise of delivery sales with Wrapify’s ​​innovative, performance-driven advertising technology. Book your campaign in early November for a start date before December 6.

Learn more at

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Continuing to level up the out-of-home (OOH) ad industry, Wrapify introduces Amy Lynn Boisvert as its Director of Ad Operations.

Amy brings 20 years of digital advertising experience to the new role at Wrapify. Before joining our team, she served as the Director of Digital Marketing at Growing Boulder. Prior to that, Amy led programmatic strategy and ad operations at the Boston Globe for more than eight years. Amy’s impressive career also includes working with notable brands such as AOL.

“Amy’s extensive knowledge, programmatic experience, and ability to navigate a rapidly changing industry will elevate Wrapify’s demonstrated success, both for us and our clients,” said Wrapify’s CEO and Founder James Heller.

Wrapify creates robust and fully measurable out-of-home ad campaigns, leveraging the gig economy and the highest-recall OOH medium on the road. Our unique technology can effectively attribute vehicle exposure to conversion online, in-app, or foot traffic. It also provides gig workers with an opportunity to earn extra income for the driving they already do. 

Once a brand identifies regions and sets its target demographic and psychographics, the Wrapify team gets to work. Channeling decades of experience, we produce effective creative for the campaign’s fleet.

And that’s just the beginning. The ability to measure and retarget the audience exposed is what sets us apart — and why Amy’s skill set is crucial for our team.

“As an advertiser, I know car wrapping by itself might seem like a novelty. I experienced the same pain points our clients have, specifically with the lack of attribution,” Amy said. “Wrapify changes the game. I’m excited to be a part of this overdue industry disruption.” 

In this position, Amy will oversee all digital ad operations. She will also work with brands and agencies to implement ‘Physical Retargeting,’ our digital remarketing service, and ‘Audience Porting,’ a true differentiator in the out-of-home space.

“We’ve taken the most noticeable ad medium in out-of-home advertising, vehicle wraps, and revolutionized it,” James explains. “Our platform provides advertisers with visualized attribution and retargeting capabilities while putting cash back into the pockets of the ever-growing gig economy.”

Visit to learn how we empower brands by integrating the gig economy with innovative, performance-driven advertising technology.

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While we were all looking forward to being done with this pandemic, the likelihood of increased restrictions look like a possibility later this year. 

Have no fear, we’ve learned a lot these past 500+ days!

Many of us in the OOH industry have seen a massive shift in the way brands evaluate and ultimately buy this type of ad medium.

Here are a few things we learned from the lockdowns in 2020 and pandemic related ad buying behavior:

  1. It takes 66 days to form a habit

    According to a 2009 study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes an average of 66 days to form a habit.  We saw the rise of app-enabled delivery propel DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, Instacart, GoPuff and many other app-enabled players in the gig-delivery space.  We all know someone that would have never used their smartphone to get their groceries delivered and now it is engrained in many of our lives. What’s more, many of these drivers were also doing rideshare driving pre-pandemic and needed to supplement their income with ad-supported revenue from platforms like Wrapify.

    It put brand dollars into the pockets of Americans who need it and these brands realized platforms like Wrapify deliver measurable exposure in neighborhoods across the country … Where people spend MOST OF THEIR TIME!

  2. We have 500+ days under our belt

    It’s been more than 500 days since the initial impact of the pandemic here in the US. We all know how to wear our masks, social distance, and many of us have already been vaccinated.  We still have work to do, but platforms like Zoom allowed us to persist and run our businesses. Many of us have started to have face to face meetings and we might have to stop congregating indoors without masks … but we’ve all learned how to adapt and keep business moving. Brands also adapted to this environment by leveraging OOH in new ways; focusing more and more on hyper-local, measurement and retargeting the audience exposed with contextually relevant messaging.

  3. OOH was more valuable than many initially thought…

    We’ve been plastered with digital advertising on our smartphones and devices.  We’ve seen more CTV/OTT ads than we can count and quite frankly, we just have digital fatigue or ‘Digital Device Burnout’.  In a recent EY study, Digital fatigue drives 47% to seek downtime from internet-enabled devices. 

This Harris Poll highlights how OOH is increasingly leading consumers to discover new businesses and brands, and influencing their path to purchase. About one-quarter report OOH informed them of a new business or brand this past year. In larger urban areas 1M+, 34% say OOH influenced their decision to buy a product.

Many marketers initially assumed that lock downs meant people weren’t out and about and that was the case according to Geopath Mobility Update – Week of 8/2/2021, but the traffic returned to pre-pandemic levels pretty quickly, and we are now seeing miles traveled per day exceed miles traveled pre-pandemic:

  1. Flexibility & Cost Effectiveness

    OOH can be leveraged in so many ways and one common misconception is that it is a top of the funnel tactic with limited measurement and inventory is hard to find in other parts of the US.  We’ve been focused on making measurement and attribution primary reasons to leverage the media we deploy.  Whether it’s a ‘Tier 1’ market like NYC or LA or a neighborhood in Tuscaloosa, we can deploy measurable and attributable OOH anywhere in the country.

  2. Recall

    One of the most striking arguments we lean on, is the recall our media creates and how it influences the digital audience thereafter.  OOH + digital is a recipe for success now more than ever.  Even Facebook reported that using both Facebook and OOH ads worked best – with the combined impact proving to be “13% more efficient than expected.” Nielsen also called out wrapped vehicles as being the most noticed segment of Moving OOH Inventory in a 2019 NIELSEN & OAAA OOH ADVERTISING REPORT. This is one of the main reasons our ‘Physical Retargeting’ capabilities are leveraged in most of the campaigns we deploy.

The Wrapify Take
Make no mistake about it – we want businesses to remain open and I want to see us all continue to thrive. Here are a few examples of how brands that leverage Wrapify took advantage of these new market dynamics:

  • B2B TECH BRANDS WORKED FROM HOME TOO: B2B Tech giants like Zoom and Oracle leveraged the rise of app-enabled delivery to reach decision makers where they live and play. Our ABM use case was adapted to WFH and became even more relevant with such a high volume of Wrapify drivers also participating in app-enabled food and grocery delivery canvassing neighborhoods nationwide.
  • HOTSPOTS & HYPER TARGETING:Brands like Petco and 7-Eleven leveraged our ‘Hotspot’ feature on the Wrapify platform to drive more frequency in the neighborhoods their retail locations service. This feature gamifies driving so that these gig-drivers earn more by driving in high-value areas for brands.
  • SWARMS: (a Wrapify favorite): App-enabled brands like Self Financial and the BLK App leveraged SWARM to get their campaign vehicles driving around specific points of interest and leveraged the Wrapify Attribution Suite to measure things like app installs and specific events fired in their respective mobile apps.

This article was written and published by Wrapify CEO and OOH Influencer James Heller. The original post can be found here:

About Wrapify

With a powerful combination of OOH, digital, and the gig economy, Wrapify empowers Fortune 500 brands to reach audiences in an omnichannel environment – while delivering measurable, actionable analytics to prove its effectiveness. This high-recall ad tech platform combines the impact of out-of-home advertising with the scalability, targeting, and accountability of digital.

Brands including T-Mobile, Petco, and Zoom reach and engage audiences that interact with Wrapified vehicles across channels and devices, driving awareness, attribution, and conversion. Wrapify enables brands to target and scale ad campaigns nationwide, across screens and channels, as well as access to data in real-time to measure performance. 300,000+ drivers in the U.S. use the Wrapify app to earn extra income simply by driving. Founded in 2015, Wrapify is headquartered in San Diego, California. Learn more at

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