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Wrapify + Rideshare Drivers: The largest player in the rideshare advertising ecosystem

by James Heller

As 2020 is now well underway, we notice that increasingly more everyday people are signing up to work in the gig economy. Everything from food delivery with Postmates, alcohol delivery from Saucy, groceries from Amazon Fresh, and of course, rideshare driving from Lyft and Uber. 

At the same time in our ad-spend landscape, OOH (out-of-home) advertising is finding itself in a large resurgence – just ask Nielsen about how wrapped vehicles are the most noticeable moving OOH ads and look at the allocation of marketing spend of brands and their agencies in the recent months. 

Some drivers are finding ways to make this or a combination of these options their full-time jobs, and others whenever they decide to make time for it. Even with those part-time “gigsters”, they may even still have a regular workday commute as well. This means these people are amongst the most frequent drivers of anybody on the road.

Starting with professional vehicle wraps back in 2015, Wrapify has also launched its brand new product, The Static+ Rideshare Topper.  Wrapify’s rideshare offering has the largest geographic footprint, able to serve brands nationwide. 

Wrapify, providing OOH advertising for some of the world’s biggest brands like Pepsi, The MLB, AT&T, and General Mills, has been growing its robust network of certified drivers throughout the entire US since 2015. This network contains about 280,000 and counting heading into 2020. With up to 40% of them being rideshare drivers, brands are jumping at the opportunity to advertise on these cars and all cars through Wrapify to maximize their reach and spend for OOH advertising. 

What’s more, is that with Wrapify you get a precise measurement of impressions, digital attribution and multi-channel retargeting ads after devices nearby are exposed. Dead are the days of “estimated impressions” based on trends or historical data. This attribution allows brands to see where the actions or results of user activity another step past simply measuring an impression. 

Wrapify just took an OOH ad and made it digital, the ad that keeps on advertising and retargeting.

The “ridetop” or “rideshare topper” industry is exploding more than ever after continuous growth, with a reputation of billions of dollars in spending on taxi tops for instance. The spending on advertisements on these is even more in densely populated areas like New York City and San Francisco. Now, any brand can select any US market, and deploy their ads on top of cars easily through Wrapify. 

For more about how Wrapify helped brands like Alaska Airlines, Zoom Video Communications and The MLB’s San Diego Padres – pop over to our blog or click here.

About Wrapify

With a powerful combination of OOH, digital and the gig economy, Wrapify empowers Fortune 500 brands to reach audiences in an omnichannel environment – while delivering measurable, actionable analytics to prove its effectiveness. This high-recall ad tech platform combines the impact of out of home advertising with the scalability, targeting, and accountability of digital.

Brands including AT&T, Coca-Cola, and Salesforce reach and engage audiences that interact with Wrapified vehicles across channels and devices, driving awareness, attribution, and conversion. Wrapify enables brands to target and scale ad campaigns nationwide, across screens and channels, as well as access to data in real-time to measure performance.

280,000+ drivers in the US use the Wrapify app to earn extra income simply by driving. Founded in 2015 and recently named #309 on the 2019 Inc. 500, Wrapify is headquartered in San Diego, CA. Learn more at wrapify.com.

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