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An Insurance Marketer’s Best Kept Secret

by Sadie Phillips

Several insurance brands use a mix of online and offline advertising to drive measurable quote checks and new policies online and in-app. Typically this includes TV, radio, print, and online ads. Incorporating a wide variety of platforms and media into your marketing efforts is always the way to go with respect to reach and frequency metrics. However, some of the media platforms you are currently utilizing are probably costing you far more than they should. 

What if there was a better (more cost-effective) way to target your audience than the cookie-cutter ways you’re used to? Brands like yours are taping into this new sought-after platform. Brands like Aetna, Root Insurance, Lemonade, State Farm, and Oscar are leveraging Wrapify’s platform to target and engage new clients and switchers like never before.

We’re calling our platform an insurance marketer’s ‘best kept secret;’ find out why!

Hyper-Localized Marketing:

We take your ICP and demographic targets and geo-fence specific pockets of markets across the nation. 

Elevate In-Person Events and Workshops:

Educating and interacting directly with potential policyholders will help you connect with current and potential clients and take that all to the next level with wrapped rideshare vehicles to supplement the excitement.

Local Engagement:

Aside from workshops and educational events, display yourself at local events and showcase your involvement within the community in a big way through Wrapify SWARM. SWARM is where we send a group of wrapped rideshare vehicles to one specific place simultaneously to create an inescapable experience for your brand with potential clients.

The Data to Measure and Retarget:

We want to be the proof in the pudding, and with our patented technology, we are all that and more. Throughout your campaign, you can check in with our online dashboard to see how your campaign is performing, down to the impression count. After we expose your target audience, we have the ability to retarget the audience across several digital channels.

You get all of this and more for lower CPM’s than you’re used to. Let’s talk today.

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