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Making Every Impression Count: Politics And OOH

by Sadie Phillips

Making The Votes Count

Every vote counts. We’ve all heard the saying. We hear it even more when election time rolls around. As a political leader or as someone with a particular political interest, it’s not the voting happening at the polls that you should be worried about . It’s the critical time prior to the voting window when you have the chance to make the ultimate impression on the public majority.

Every Impression Counts

Wrapify is no stranger to the political stage. Whether it be political candidates, legislation, or a simple PSA, we have had a hand in it all. With the primary elections coming up in November we still have a little time to get that last-minute push you need to stay top of mind for when the voting time comes around.

The Wrapify Way

You know the psychographics and the neighborhoods you need to be targeting, and we are in the business of getting your ads in those areas for highly targeted out-of-home advertising campaigns. Keep reading as we break down the use cases that will benefit your initiatives.

wrapify political SWARM

Wrapify For Candidates

It is truly a win-win. Your political campaign can supplement the yard signs your supporters have put out on the roadsides by wrapping vehicles in the community. It not only looks good, but it does good for the local community by putting money back into the pockets of everyday Americans (gig workers) by working with Wrapify.

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)Wrapify, the performance-driven ad tech platform for brands powered by OOH and the gig economy, has announced it will deploy its wrapped vehicles on the 2020 election trail beginning November 2019 in New Hampshire, featuring political candidates’ campaigns on cars throughout the state. Wrapify is the only ad platform in U.S. history that provides widespread visibility and delivers measurable results for political candidates while boosting jobs for the American population. 

Wrapify Yes22 SWARM

Wrapify For Legislation/ PSAs

Building awareness is our specialty, so don’t act too surprised to see the ad above. This campaign helped draw awareness to Prop 22 in San Diego California, prompting those in the area to “vote yes” to pass this proposition. Lo and behold, this law did pass, and we were happy to play a part in the cause.

Wrapify is a leading provider of hyperlocal political advertising solutions. We have a team of experienced professionals who will work with you to create an effective campaign that resonates with your targeted voters. Contact us today to put your highly targeted campaign on the map.

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