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Wrapify: A Top Tier, Performance Driven Out-Of-Home Platform

by Sadie Phillips

Understanding the Buy

Ever bought something that looked and seemed cool, but in reality, you had no idea how cool it actually was until ya got it home and cut those very annoying zip ties off of the item as you read the instructions (or as it started to come to life– queue Woody)? Ironically enough, we’ve seen this from brands after purchasing a Wrapify campaign. Marketers and media buyers both appreciate the traditional aspects that out-of-home (OOH) advertising products like Wrapify have to offer. But what really makes Wrapify different and need we say, “top tier” is our dedication to transparency, quality, data and performance. 

You Get What You Pay For

You know the saying, “less is more?” We can get behind that nine out of ten times, but not when it comes to rideshare advertising campaigns. At Wrapify we have proven time & time again that more is actually more and we are now doubling down on that statement since our push for a universal standardization in the rideshare advertising space. As a leader in the space, our CEO saw an increasing need to generalize the way we present our wrap types to the public. As the competitive landscape for rideshare advertising expands and we see an addition of new players in the growing space, it’s important to know you’re getting what you are actually paying for.

When developing our vehicle wrap templates, our first thought was to ensure the visibility of the brand all around the vehicle. In order to do that, we made sure that every advertisement had a rear window proof. This was important to us because when a vehicle is parked in a parking lot, at a traffic light, or driving on the interstate, our goal is to showcase that ad to as many people as possible. Many of our competitors are not able to guarantee this, especially with their economy wraps that don’t include a back window perf. So if you ever wondered why Wrapify was priced slightly higher than the competition, this is one reason; always remember, you get what you pay for.

Wrapify Puts the SWARM in SWARM

Wrapify coined the term SWARM years ago, and others in the business followed suit. 

A SWARM is an event Wrapify puts on for most of our campaigns where we send all drivers in a campaign to a specific point of interest in order to maximize impressions for the brand, and oftentimes we take things up a notch to also hit a specific target audience. For instance, if you’re releasing a new movie, let us get your ad in front of audiences that will attend said movie. How do we do that? Host a SWARMs at a movie theaters. Is it a pet lovers/kids movie? No problem, let’s also SWARM zoos and parks. Okay, you get the gist. 

We have a dedicated Swarm team to help plan and execute the perfect event. Additionally, we send photographers to our events to capture some of the most captivating campaign moments. 

Where is your target audience frequenting? Let’s go there together.

Wrapify Does Data

It’s no secret that OOH with data to back it is becoming more of the norm, but with Wapify you get that plus some. Our omnichannel retargeting and attribution suite, ensures those campaign impressions continue working for you even after your campaign has ended.

Not only do we do data, but we do it right with our interactive campaign dashboard that you’ll gain access to as your campaign hits the road!

Wrapify is Top Tier

Some of the biggest brands on the planet have trusted us, and that is due to the fact that we not only showcase a wonderful product, but we offer outstanding service to all of our clients. It’s not because we have more time on our hands or more hours in the day, but because your campaign is our campaign.

If it’s not crystal clear why Wrapify should be your top choice, let’s connect. Let us show you.If it is crystal clear, let’s also chat and get your campaign rolling!

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