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The Birds and The Bees of Wrapify SWARM

by Sadie Phillips

It’s time we had this talk. You’re old enough to hear it, and we wanted to sit you down before it’s, well, you know, too late. Before you overspend on channels that just don’t cut through the noise and static any longer.

Wrapify SWARM with pedestrians

What is a SWARM?

A unique, highly cost-effective way for brands to advertise at a specific time and place. THINK sporting events, conferences, concerts, festivals and more. Coverage at all of the places your target audience frequents. We send a large group of wrapped vehicles to an event of your choosing to literally dominate the outside premise of the event. Ensuring your target audience sees your advertisement.

What’s all the buzz about?  

SWARMs have always been a huge part of the Wrapify brand, dating back to 2015 seen here on stage at Jason Calacnis’s LAUNCH Summit.  We recently updated our packages to make SWARM the center of the campaign. You can plan everything around the events you want to target, and we have a team dedicated to ensuring your event activation goes off without a hitch.

Navan Wrapify Campaign

Full Event Coverage

Whether your event is just one day or a multi-day event, we have a package for that. Looking to be at multiple events? We can handle that too. When we say there is a package for everyone and everything, we mean it.

Additional SWARM Perks 

Not only do you get to be front and center at any event and cash in on all the impressions for the event, but we also include a photographer for at least one day of the event so you can use the photos to share on your company’s social media page to continue the hype around your campaign.

Popular Use Cases 

1. Concerts and Festivals

2. Sporting Events

3. Conferences and Conventions 

Example SWARM Plan

There is a big industry trade show happening in Las Vegas at the beginning of the month, and there is also a huge Las Vegas Raiders Football game that same week and a UFC Fight happening that weekend. How cool would it be to SWARM all of these events allowing your brand to get in front of your target audience and beyond? Also, let’s throw in some SWARM around the airports and hotels when trade show attendees will be arriving and departing. This blitz of a campaign will leave your brand top of mind before the trade show, during it, and after. We can also retarget the exposed audience online after the show.


Now what? 

We’re feeling better now that we’ve had this talk and we hope you are too. If you have any questions, now is the time to ask away. Fill out this form, and we will get back to you right away. 

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