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A Marketer’s Guide to EOY Media Planning

by Sadie Phillips

Planning in Q4 for the next year is often a daunting task. And let’s face it, we’re all ready to get into the holiday festivities and celebrate the year coming to an end.  As we consider the possibilities for the next year, it becomes apparent that the rapidly changing landscape, unpredictable consumer behavior, and the emergence of new technologies are causing marketers to break into a cold sweat. We aim to reassure you that the dreaded Q4 planning period doesn’t have to be a burden.


Tackling the Unpredictable Regulatory Environment

If there is ever a time to get scrappy, that time is NOW. Marketers must grapple with the unpredictable nature of the regulatory environment, especially in the digital sphere. Laws and regulations related to data privacy, advertising, and online commerce can change rapidly and have a profound impact on marketing strategies.

It is nearly impossible to stay up to speed on all of the laws that are (let’s be honest) changing on the daily.

To mitigate the risks associated with evolving regulations, marketers should work closely with legal counsel, stay informed about changes in relevant laws, and be prepared to adapt their strategies to remain compliant. 


Combating Uncertainty in Consumer Behavior

One of the primary reasons marketers dread planning for the next year is the ever-shifting nature of consumer behavior. Consumer preferences, interests, and buying habits can change seemingly overnight. This unpredictability makes it challenging to create marketing strategies that resonate with the target audience. The rise of social media and the fast-paced nature of online trends only add to the complexity.

To tackle this, marketers must stay vigilant and adapt to the changing consumer landscape. Conducting regular market research, analyzing data, and monitoring social media trends can provide valuable insights to create adaptable strategies. Marketers should be prepared to pivot their plans quickly to remain relevant in the eyes of their audience.

Facing the Wrath of Everchanging Technology

The fast-paced evolution of technology is another major source of anxiety for marketers. The digital landscape is in a constant state of flux, with new tools, platforms, and algorithms emerging all the time. Staying updated and making the right choices from a multitude of options can be overwhelming.

To overcome this challenge, simply invest in continuous learning and development. It’s kind of like keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. Keep a close eye on emerging technologies and platforms and evaluate the potential for efficiently utilizing these new technological advances.

Additionally, fostering relationships with tech-savvy colleagues or partners can help marketers stay ahead of the curve. Your network is your network!

Wrapping it Up

Embracing change, continuous learning, adaptability, and a results-oriented mindset can help marketers navigate these challenges and develop strategies that not only survive but thrive in the face of uncertainty. The key to successful marketing planning for the next year lies in a proactive and agile approach that allows marketers to stay ahead of the curve and meet the ever-changing demands of their audience and industry.

We have various packages we’ve put together with the marketer in mind. Making planning, buying, and putting your campaign goals on cruise control for the next year a breeze. We’d love to meet and understand your campaign goals this season and see how our rideshare advertising platform can fit into your plans and increase your ROI.

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