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Introduce Relevancy to Your Tax Preparation Marketing Ideas

by Amy Boisvert
tax preparation marketing ideas

As a tax specialist, you know how important it is to communicate the value of your services and encourage potential clients to choose you for their tax-related needs. As we enter the new year, now is the perfect time to understand your customer’s needs and start implementing your tax preparation marketing ideas.  

With a recession looming, millions of Americans need help understanding the tax preparation process to ensure they receive the biggest refund possible — and you’re in a unique position to offer that assistance.

As an expert in your field, it’s up to you to communicate the value you offer when it comes to helping them with their taxes. Need some ideas to help get you started? Read on to learn more.

Why Start Marketing Early?

Advertising your tax services early will give you an edge in getting tax preparation business. Closing out the calendar year can be stressful for many Americans, especially those who have been through a huge shift in the past year (and who hasn’t!?).

So beginning your advertising efforts early is even more critical – being top of mind when potential customers are just beginning to think about their taxes means they will likely seek your guidance first.

Additionally, the extra time allows you to implement tax preparation marketing ideas that allow time for effective execution. In this competitive environment, giving yourself the most decisive competitive advantage should be top of mind.

Starting early and reaching out with tailored messages gives you visibility among those who will soon be looking for professional help in completing their taxes, ensuring you get recognition and maximizing results from your marketing efforts.

What Will Grab Tax Payer’s Attention?

Taxpayers are often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information they need to process and understand when filing their taxes. While in previous years they may have taken shortcuts to avoid complexities, this year the focus will be getting the most out of their refund, no matter how many more steps that may take. To gain their attention, you must advise taxpayers on what will get them the biggest refund, and how you are uniquely positioned to help them do just that. 

1. Talk About New Tax Complications

Tax laws are constantly changing, and tax season can be incredibly confusing. Address new complications taxpayers might experience this year and offer advice on navigating them. Explain any changes in the tax law, as well as what actions individuals should take if they believe they have been incorrectly charged. 

If a particular type of deduction or credit is available, offer advice on how to claim it. Showcase your expertise by providing helpful tips and examples of what deductions or credits may be available for specific individuals or households. By giving taxpayers accurate information, you’ll build trust and gain the attention of potential customers. 

2. Address Student Loan Defers and Forbearances

Taxpayers with student loan debt will be particularly interested in how the current administration’s policies affect their situation. One of these policies addresses student loan deferrals and forbearances, which have become increasingly important as many people struggle to make loan payments during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Biden Administration has proposed simplifying the process for enrolling in forbearance or deferral, extending loan payments of up to one year without an additional fee, and providing more options for student loan debt forgiveness. Taxpayers with student loans should pay close attention to these changes as they could significantly reduce their overall loan burden. 

Taxpayers should also take advantage of any tax deductions related to student loan interest. The Biden Administration may also consider increasing the amount of student loan debt eligible for forgiveness in some circumstances, which could provide further relief to those struggling with their loans. 

3. Rebate for Remote Workers

A rebate for remote workers is an attractive prospect for taxpayers who have had to adjust their working conditions due to the pandemic. The government could offer a tax break to those working from home to save money on energy bills and other expenses that come with setting up a new workspace. 

This would be especially beneficial to those living in rural areas, where they may have limited access to high-speed internet and other amenities. This could also incentivize employers to continue or increase their remote workforce. It would provide employees with additional savings to help compensate for the losses incurred due to the pandemic. 

This rebate would be especially beneficial now as many people are struggling to make ends meet due to the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. Tax rebates could ease some of the financial burdens on taxpayers and encourage people to continue working from home, which has many benefits for employers and employees. 

How Should You Implement Your Tax Preparation Marketing Ideas?

This may seem obvious, but when advertising your tax preparation services, the most important element will be your brand name. Brand awareness is difficult to achieve if you’re a small fish in a big pond, but truly the only way to ensure you’re grabbing your audience’s attention. To avoid the potentially high costs of brand awareness, tailor your audience. Instead of trying to “boil the ocean”, so to speak, concentrate on the geographics and demographics of your target customer to create campaigns that reach the right people at the right time. 

An omnichannel approach will help you reach a wide range of potential customers and ensure that people are exposed to your brand message. Start by making a splash with an out-of-home campaign, targeting neighborhoods and hot spots where you know your target audience frequents, and then use the audience exposed to that ad to retarget on CTV, online native ads, social media, and other platforms. 

Having a presence across multiple channels can create brand recognition and increase awareness of your tax services. Additionally, cross-channel campaigns can help you track and measure the success of your efforts, allowing you to adjust your marketing strategy if needed. 

With an omnichannel approach to advertising, you’ll be able to increase brand awareness and make sure that people are aware of who you are and what kind of tax services you offer. 

We Can Take Your Tax Services to Another Level!

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