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How Universities Are Leveling Up With Rideshare Advertising

by Sadie Phillips

In today’s fast-paced digital world, reaching prospective students and effectively marketing your educational institution can be a challenging task. Traditional methods such as college and career fairs, paid social media advertising, and snail mail are becoming less effective due to increased competition, plus the abundance of distractions, in the digital era.

A Booth at College/Career Fairs

The Standard: These events are often crowded, and students are bombarded with information from numerous colleges and universities, all vying for their attention. Standing out in such a competitive environment can be a daunting task, and the impact of your message may get lost amidst the noise. 


Instead of a booth inside the event, do something memorable. SWARM the outside of the fair with numerous wrapped vehicles that will be seen before and after attendees enter the event. 


Social Media

The Standard: Social media is saturated with ads, making it easy for students to filter out marketing messages and overlook your institution. Constant algorithm changes make it challenging to reach your target audience consistently. So, don’t rely solely on social media; use it wisely for your broader marketing strategy.


We’re not saying cut social media out totally, but don’t center your marketing efforts around it. Add to your social media marketing efforts with a Wrapify campaign. Choose from a variety of wrap options and campaign durations that for your exact needs before the next semester starts.

Bonus: Ask how to retarget and take your offline marketing online with our omnichannel attribution and retargeting suite.

Snail Mail

The Standard: In the age of digital, this ancient form of communication has become less relevant as a marketing tool. Direct mail campaigns can be costly, time-consuming, and (let’s be honest) end up in the trash without ever being opened. Save yourself and a few trees the trouble… consider other methods.


This one speaks for itself. We see Universities implementing out-of-home advertising into their strategies and we’ve worked with universities just like yours across the country. It’s tried and true.

Level Up, Level Up, Level Up!

In today’s competitive landscape, high school career fairs, social media, and snail mail are no longer the most effective methods to reach prospective students. By embracing alternative approaches, like rideshare advertising, educational institutions have a unique opportunity to connect with students and parents in a highly impactful way.

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