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The Climb to the Top, An AI Company’s Growth Strategy

by Sadie Phillips
AI Vertical

We’re at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technological advancements. Brands in this highly competitive field need ways to stand out. The category wins in this sector will be the ones that focus on brand early.

Harness the Power of OOH

Brands leverage OOH to effectively position themselves as authoritative entities. Before we get into how to establish yours, let us first establish ours. Are we about to name-drop? You bet. Brands like Zoom, Gong, Brex, and many others leverage the power of OOH. Look at them now. They are tech sensations. So how did we help get them to where they are? 

The information we’re about to give up is something that even the sharpest of AI platforms could not produce. In today’s vastly digital world why use OOH? Here are two reasons you should:

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1. Be Inescapable 

Create a surround sound approach and take building BRAND seriously.  This goes for all your digital natives.  Online last-click attribution doesn’t matter when nobody knows who you are.  Breakout leaders in every big pre-IPO startup leverage OOH in a big way.  There’s a damn good reason too… It WORKS, and it is way more cost-effective than you probably thought… especially now.

2. You Can Actually Measure It 

One of the misnomers of OOH is that it can be hard to measure. FALSE!  The reality is, you can measure brand lift and use it to make your digital more performant. At Wrapify we always encourage an Omnichannel approach and unlike other forms of OOH media we actually pair offline with online to create a high-recall advertising experience.

The Future of AI Starts Here 

OOH advertising is undoubtedly a powerful channel for AI companies to establish their presence, engage with their target audience, and drive business growth. OOH ads like Wrapify’s rideshare advertising platform, aid in establishing brand confidence and credibility, not to mention the visibility and memorability from seeing the ad out in the real world. 

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