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Latest Out of Home Advertising LUMAscape Includes Wrapify as Media Leader

by James Heller

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 16 – LUMA has released its latest LUMAscape for out-of-home advertising. LUMA is a thought leader who provides resourceful content that delivers insightful and thoughtful observations on the complex and dynamic digital media and marketing ecosystem.

LUMAscapes are some of the industry’s most widely referenced resources. They organize the ecosystem across all critical categories and provide clarity to a complex digital media and marketing landscape. Some of their many LUMAscapes include breakdowns across Mobile, Content Marketing, Sales Tech, Gaming, Agency and more.

Wrapify appeared in the “Media” category, alongside various long-standing industry leaders and reputable companies. Other categories on this particular OOH LUMAscape report are Media Planning, Content Management, Ad Servers, OOH Agencies and more.

To download the full LUMAscape head here:

With a powerful combination of OOH, digital and the gig economy, Wrapify empowers Fortune 500 brands to reach audiences in an omnichannel environment – while delivering measurable, actionable analytics to prove its effectiveness. This high-recall ad tech platform combines the impact of out of home advertising with the scalability, targeting, and accountability of digital.

Brands including AT&T, Coca-Cola, and Salesforce reach and engage audiences that interact with Wrapified vehicles across channels and devices, driving awareness, attribution, and conversion. Wrapify enables brands to target and scale ad campaigns nationwide, across screens and channels, as well as access to data in real-time to measure performance.

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